Did you know that a kindhearted man found $40,000 and …

If you happened to stumble upon an envelope full of cash and a cheque to the value of $40,000, would you return it or would you keep it to yourself? A kindhearted young man chose the latter option.



23 year old Brian DiCarlo found an envelope on the ground at a car parking lot in Portland, Oregon. The envelope’s contents shocked Dicarlo, who found inside a $38,000 cheque and $2,000 in cash.

However, instead of keeping the money for himself, the aspiring teacher ended up on the news for doing what any good Samaritan would do – he handed the envelope and its full content to the police. It turned out the $40,000 had belonged to a 71 year old woman identified as Sharon Davis, who intended to use it as a deposit for her new house.

It’s not an everyday occurrence for somebody to show this kind of humanity. According to reports, Davis thanked the man with a $300 reward.



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