Did you know that a landscape photographer shoot strange fireballs across Scotland’s skies….

In the midst of October Scotland’s skies were torn by fireballs, which were captured on videos and in photographs.

Marcus McAdams, a landscape photographer, was working on a new time lapse video when he realized there was something unusual with the skies in the Isle of Skye. He wasn’t sure what the pictures meant so he asked his Facebook followers for help. They made the connection with news reports about fireballs in the skies. McAdams says he learned that such event is extremely rare and it’s even rarer to capture because it happens in the blink of an eye. However, Ewan Miles and Byron Griffiths were also able to capture such fireballs in the west Highlands. Griffiths was awaiting the Aurora Borealis and captured a fireball on camera thanks to sheer luck.
These photographs prove that there were at least two or more different fireballs which tore the Scotland skies at the same time within around 50 miles of each other.



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