Did you know that a laptop thief got busted after calling Apple’s customer service …

One of the thief’s main rules is to never leave any clues behind. But a UK thief apparently forgot about it and got busted thanks to his own stupidity.

Official reports state that Casey Wentworth was arrested as a suspect in a laptop theft that occurred back in 2013. Wentworth, who is from New Hampshire, UK, allegedly stole a MacBook Air that used to belong to a guy named Mike Witonis. Mike had locked his laptop well and since the 24 year old Wentworth was unable to unlock it, he decided it would be a brilliant idea to call Apple’s customer service center and ask for their help. The support center asked for the laptop’s serial number, which Wentworth unwisely gave them. Shortly after Mike received an e-mail from Apple thanking him for contacting them he knew something was wrong. The guy contacted the police and Wentworth was busted at his own house.

Unfortunately for Mike, he still hasn’t gotten the chance to hold his laptop ever since the theft. According to the reports, the police are still holding the computer as evidence.



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