Did You Know That A Man Created A Ghost Hunting Device To….

Melissa, Gary Galka’s daughter, passed away in a car accident 10 years ago. Ever since the tragedy took place Gary has been trying to create a device that would enable him to communicate with his daughter’s spirit. Claiming that he feels his daughter’s presence all the time, Gary has made more than thirty devices but only one of them turned out to be working. According to the inventor his creation managed to record a message saying “Hi,dad.I love you.” left by his late daughter from the beyond.


Garry is now selling his devices on line with the prices ranging from $70 to $350. One of his creations was demonstrated in an episode of ‘Ghost Adventures’ where it was used to record a voice coming from nowhere during a paranormal investigation. The device, named after Gary’s daughter Melissa, detects changes in terms of temperature or electromagnetic field. It also includes an AM/FM scanner, buttons that glow in the dark and “a spirit box”. 



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