Did you know that a man from Texas faked his own kidnapping in order to trick his wife…

Rogelio Andaverde from Texas wanted to get away from his wife so he could drink with his friends. The 34 year old Andaverde brought extreme horror to his wife when he set up two of his friends to kidnap him in front of the woman, disguised with masks and wearing guns. The terrified woman called the police and they launched a hunt for the kidnapped man.
When he returned home the next day, he stated that his abductors had let him go just like that. The police got suspicious about the shallow story and later the man confessed he just wanted a night out with his buddies. He was arrested and brought to jail for making a false report. His wife had been interrogated by the police officers till early morning, while she was going crazy, probably thinking those masked “kidnappers” had already killed her husband.

Andaverde was released from jail after he set his $5,000 bond. However, it’s not clear if he can set thing straight as easily with his wife as he did with his bond.



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