Did you know that a man was told to shave off his….

Moustaches have been considered classy and stylish several centuries ago. However, apparently nowadays the authorities and the Arab society think otherwise, because this man’s story would never have ended up in the news.

souce:  Gulf News/Twitter

Gulf News/Twitter

Sujeev Kumar, who’s originally from India, has been living for nine years in the United Arab Emirates. However, he recently found himself in a situation he never thought would occur. Kumar, who is a software engineer, flew from Kerala, India, to Sharjah, UAE, in late December. When he arrived at Sharjah, an immigration officer allegedly had a problem with Kumar’s moustache. He made jokes about it while glancing from Kumar to his passport. After joking about the man’s moustache, the officer continued interrogating him about his facial hair and refusing to hand back the passport. When Kumar lost his patience, he asked to see the officer’s supervisor.

In the end the embarrassed man received his passport. However, getting back his pride might not be as easy as retrieving a document.



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