Did You Know That A New Zealand Man Lost A Bet And Officially Changed His Name To….


A New Zealand resident was unlucky enough to lose a bet where the loser had to legally change their name to something consisting of 16 words and sounding absolutely hilarious. A copy of the legal paper documenting the name change has been recently posted on line by someone close to the person in question.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

A funny fact is that Mr. Frostnova, what is his new last name, actually applied for the name change a few years ago but he wasn’t aware that it was made legal until recently. As his passport had expired the man wanted to renew it and shockingly realized that he had to do it under a different name. It turned out that the name was registered back in 2010.


According to the Department of Internal Affairs regulations, as long as the name doesn’t exceed the 100 characters limit and the fee and accompanying documentation are correct, there is no reason for it not to be approved. However, Mr. Frostnova is entitled to change his name back and the only thing he would need to do is fill out the required form and pay the fee.


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