Did You Know That A Russian Guy Faked His Own Death To Check Whether His…

Alexey Bykov, 30, a wealthy businessman from Russia, thought of a really unusual way to propose to his girlfriend and therefore test whether the feelings she had for him were real. With the help of a director, a screenwriter, a stuntman and a makeup artist Bykov managed to create a whole crash-like scene. Then he arranged for his girlfriend, Irina Kolokov, to meet him at the exact place.



When Irina got there the scene looked absolutely awful : smoke, wrecked cars, ambulances and blood on the ground. Then Irina saw Alexey’s body, also covered in blood all over, lying on the street. A paramedic approached her and told her that her boyfriend had died on the spot. Utterly devastated, Irina broke down in tears.

As he had accomplished what he wanted, Alexey suddenly got up and, still covered in blood, popped the question to his shocked bride-to-be. After he explained the whole thing Irina was ready to kill him herself but she accepted her crazy boyfriend’s marriage proposal.

Alexey later explained that he just wanted to show Irina what her life would be without him. He claimed he was certain of her feeling now but promised to never repeat the hoax.



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