Did you know that A strange video shows a mysterious ball of…


Macie Real and her sister Katie were playing on their mother’s laptop in the UK on the 1st of June this year when they saw something strange through the window.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The two sisters witnessed a dancing ball of light roaming in the sky above one of their neighbors’ houses. The girls immediately filmed the strange occurrence on the laptop. The minute long video footage shows the odd ball of light forming strange circular shapes in the sky. The kids can be heard chatting about the phenomenon as the ball changes color from pale white to a fiery red. As it continues its swirly dance in the sky, it slowly drops down and disappears behind the roofs of the nearby houses. The kids initially thought the ball was a shooting star, because it had a tail, but soon realized there was more to the strange occurrence.


The girls’ mother, Fiona, first thought it was a plane that was caught on fire, but that wasn’t the case. What do you think? Was the ball something natural or is there something more to it than meets the eye?


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