Did you know that A stranger paid the parking ticket of a woman who was in hospital with…

One woman decided to pay the parking ticket of a woman she had never met before out of the goodness of her heart.


Image Source: Canberra Mums/Facebook

A woman, who has been identified only as Laura, has showed the whole world that there is still some good left in it by paying a total stranger’s parking ticket.

Laura saw the stranger’s car parked outside of a hospital in Canberra, Australia. She saw that there was a ticket attached to its hood, so she decided that whatever the driver was going through in that hospital, she didn’t need another thing to worry about. Thus, Laura paid the parking ticket, even though she had never met the vehicle’s owner before. Furthermore, she left a handwritten note for the stranger to find. The note read that Laura thought she was doing good by relieving the woman of something like that and that she hopes things will get better for her.

As it turned out, the driver of the vehicle had parked the car there for several days while she was in the hospital visiting her 9 weeks old son. She stated that when she saw the parking ticket she thought that was the icing on the cake with everything else that has been going on with her life. However, she also saw Laura’s handwritten note and she immediately felt a huge relief. The surprised woman got in touch with the Australian community group Canberra Mums on Facebook and asked them to post a snapshot of the ticket and Laura’s note. The group shared the unnamed woman’s story and stated that she wanted to post it on the web so that she could publicly thank Laura for her kindness and support. The woman also said that she’s hoping Laura herself could see her message and know that she appreciates the other woman’s deeds.



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