Did you know that a town in Connecticut doesn’t hire cops with…

Some people say that cops are incredibly stupid and can’t even do their job. Well, one town, by the looks of things, wants that to be true.


Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

Back in 1999 a man named Robert Jordan filed a lawsuit because the city of New London in Connecticut, US, refused to hire him as a full time police officer. Jordan worked for the State Department of Corrections and had a Bachelor’s degree in literature. He was refused an interview for a position at the local police station, so he decided to take his matter to court. As it turned out, he wasn’t allowed to become a cop because his IQ was too high for such a position. The judge ruled the case in favor of the officials, who had denied Jordan the interview. Not only did he not receive the chance to become a police officer, but he also learned that he wasn’t the only one with a case like this.

The judge told him that all applicants with high IQ were denied the interviews! According to Jordan, it was a type of discrimination similar to race, religion and gender.



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