Did you know that a US woman offered cigs and beers as a reward for the….


Losing a pet is hard, but losing two is a tragedy. So when an Ohio woman lost her pets, she came up with an original idea, which attracted more than enough attention to her case.


The 23 year old Abigail Miller from Dayton was devastated earlier this January when her two pet dogs ran off through an open gate at her home. She was able to find one of them shortly after at some animal foster care. However, the other one was still missing. In order to raise enough attention, the woman came up with an extremely unusual idea. She offered a pack of cigarettes and a case of beer to the one who would find her beloved Husky Zoro. Her idea worked, because a man contacted her and she she found the dog.


According to the Dayton Daily News, the man turned down the reward.


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