Did you know that A woman found a tooth in the cheese she bought from …

A British woman was extremely disgusted by the unexpected calcified structure she found in a piece of cheese she bought from her local supermarket.


Image Source: Wikipedia

Jane Betts, a 42 year old IT consultant from Cambridge, UK, was about to enjoy a piece of Wensleydale Jervaulx Blueat when she realized that there was a tooth stuck in the cheese, bought from a Sainsbury’s supermarket. At first the woman thought some of her dental work had fallen in the cheese, since she had visited her dentist the day before the disgusting occurrence. However, after she inspected her mouth and teeth she realized the tooth hadn’t fallen from her mouth. Jane took the tooth to her dentist and he confirmed that it was somebody else’s. The woman then complained to Sainsbury’s. A spokesperson for the supermarket told the media they would do anything in their power to help the investigation. The spokeswoman also added that the supermarket takes pride in the quality of the food they sell.

Jane, however, believes that piece of cheese was extremely sickening and horrific. 



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