Did you know that a woman from Kansas used 80 tons of sand to turn her yard into a be…

A 60-something year old lady from Kansas City got tired of watering and mowing her yard, so she decided to do something extremely unusual with it – turn it into a huge sandbox.

Georgianna Reid, who’s owned the house for 33 years, decided she wasn’t going to take care of the yard anymore, so she ordered 80 tons of sand and covered her yard with it. That’s right; the woman covered all of the grass with the grainy sand so that she won’t have to take care of it anymore. Georgianna’s actions made locals dub her house as “the Sandbox”. However, not all of them were happy with the woman’s decision. Some of them contacted the authorities, complaining that Georgianna’s yard ruined the appearance of the whole neighborhood. Not only that, but they also thought it could jeopardize the chances of any possible real estate deals in the near future.

Officials contacted the woman couldn’t find any violations of local laws as the sand is being used for landscaping purposes and nothing more.



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