Did You Know That A Woman Only Ate Starbucks Food For A Year To….

One particular brave woman from Seattle, Washington recently completed a year-long challenge with great success. The name of the woman which was legally changed sometime ago is Beautiful Existence and she is a 40-years-old mum of two.


Her ultimate goal for 2013 was to eat and drink only from the Starbucks stores and Starbucks-owned franchises in the Seattle area. For an entire year Beautiful ate her breakfast, lunch and dinner at Starbucks including stores and brands such as Roy Street Coffee & Tea, Teavana, Tazo Tea and the brand new Evolution Fresh. She even ate Starbucks items for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners included.

The woman with a quirky name got inspired to complete such a demanding feat after witnessing how other people became famous for their fast food chain addiction. Mrs. Existence spent more than $7,000 on a variety of Starbucks meals and drinks last year and she was able to document it all for her blog.




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