Did you know that a woman robbed a bank, threatening to give the bank teller….

An unidentified woman robbed a Wells Fargo bank in Longmont, Colorado in 2011. During midsummer the woman entered the bank disguised with a huge grey hoodie sweater and a squash hat. Her unusual methods of threat have shocked the media.
She never used any weapons, only a note, which she handed to the bank teller. The note was a threat to the teller, which stated that if she didn’t handle the money to the robber, the latter would give her AIDS. This, of course, provoked enough fear in the female teller and she gave the woman an undisclosed amount of money. The teller described the suspect as a female with bony, thin face and between the age of 55 and 75.


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The Longmont police launched immediate hunt for the robber. Several women from the same neighborhood fitted the description and the police presumed one of them could be the suspect.



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