Did you know that A woman told the waiters in a restaurant that Jesus would…

What do you do when you don’t have enough cash to pay for your meal at the restaurant? You play the Christianity card, of course. At least that’s what this woman did.


Kristin Rhines, a woman from Oklahoma, US, made a huge scene at an El Chico restaurant in Lawton earlier this October. She ordered several alcoholic beverages with her meal and when it came down to paying the bill, she stated she didn’t have any money on her. Not only that, but she reportedly told the baffled waiters that her husband was on his way to the restaurant in order to pay for her meal. And this is where it gets seriously ridiculous – the woman stated that her husband was none other than Jesus Christ himself! She also told the waiters that their marriage wasn’t really licensed, but that he was definitely going to pay her bill.

Of course, the police were called and once the officers determined that Rhines wasn’t intending to pay the bill, they arrested her for fraud.



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