This Woman Who Has To Eat Every 15 Minutes Because Of A Super Rare Medical Condition

Elizabeth Ann Velasquez was born on March 13, 1989 in Austin, Texas. She was born prematurely and with a lot of complications.

What initially made Lizzie famous was the fact she has an extremely rare condition. There are only two other people on the planet which have been reported to have the same syndrome. Lizzie has 0% body fat and she would never be able to gain more weight. She has to maintain a very strict diet by eating multiple meals a day with the total intake of over 5000 calories. She has also lost her vision in her right eye when she was 4 and has limited vision in her left one. Fortunately, this extremely rare condition is not terminal and the doctors prognose a long way ahead of her.

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But no matter how terrible her condition seems to be it’s not the only reason Lizzie is considered one-of-a-kind.

She has a degree in communication studies from the Texas State University. On top of that she is a very well established writer, public speaker and activist against bullying and public prejudice. Lizzie herself has suffered from being bullied and ridiculed numerous times in her life therefore she wanted to stand up for herself and for other people who have been abused.
Lizzie already has her co-authored biography released in 2010 in Spanish and English as well as “Be Beautiful, Be you” in 2012 that promotes the inner beauty of people versus the outer shallow appearances. 

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