This Young British Woman Is Strangely Addicted To Eating Sponges And Soap

Image Source: SaggyTexas

While the rest of the world is fighting against a huge variety of junk food addictions and its devastating impact on public health, 21-year-old Kerry Trebil is doing completely the opposite. The young woman from Cornwall, UK is not actually eating food but something else we use in our daily lives.

She is on a regular sponge and soap diet. According to her personal diet statistics she has consumed over 4,000 dish washing sponges and over 100 bars of hand soap. Although Kerry presumably has the cleanest intestines in the wold her diet is not a laughing matter.

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The young woman suffers from a rare condition called Pica. It makes her crave specific non-edible objects and materials. People with this condition are known to consume everything ranging from sand to metal, light bulbs, furniture,coal and even chalk. For a long time Kerry’s peculiar choice of cuisine were meals consisting of chopped up sponges dipped in tea or spiced up with BBQ sauce or mustard.

Fortunately, Kerry was able to come to terms with the fact that something was seriously wrong with her cravings and sought medical help. Now she is recovering on a special vitamin supplement diet and goes to regular counseling sessions. Despite the vitamins and food supplement diets she still eats a couple teaspoons of soap and one sponge with every meal.

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