Did You Know That According To Congress Pizza Is Now Considered A Ve…


Pizza, chips and many snacks are considered junk food and also the main factor for obesity in the USA. However, since 2011 the American government has considered pizza a vegetable.


It all started with the President Obama’s health care program and reform for the people in the United States. Since 2010 the President and his health care reform have been combating with the obesity in America including the child obesity caused mainly by junk food served in school cafeterias. In order to keep track of the school lunch and to reduce the level of obesity among children, a revised agriculture bill had to be passed in order to remove all junk food from the school menu.


However, in spite of their well-meaning, the US lawmakers and the Obama administration had to accept that any type of food which contains at least two tablespoons of tomato sauce can be labeled as a vegetable. Thus, according to the signed agriculture bill pizza is considered a vegetable.


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