Did you know that according to the tradition an itchy right hand palm means that…

If you are a person of superstition, you probably know what it means when your palm (left or right) is itchy. The belief is this – if your left palm is itchy it means that you will give someone money. Therefore, in this case, you must scratch it very quickly to stop that from coming true – no one likes to give money, especially for no reason.



The opposite is true for the right hand. If your right palm itches, it means you will receive unexpected money. Therefore, in no case should you be scratching. If you really want to get your money, as soon as you feel itchy right hand, you must slip it into your pocket. Another myth of itchy hands states that if your left palm is itchy, it means good luck. You should not overlook the third option, which has nothing to do with superstition – when your hand itches just because of dry skin type or skin allergy.



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