Did you know that after watching Star Wars for the first time in 1977, James Cameron decided to …

There’s no denying that Star Wars is a successful franchise. Ever since the original movie was screened in theaters back in 1977, it’s spawned multitudes of movies, games and fan merchandise and has brought untold success to its creators. In fact, the franchise is so great that it inspired the notorious James Cameron to quit his day job and to enter the movie industry.

Back in 1977 Cameron was working as a truck driver. He went to a screening of the original Star Wars movie and was so moved by it that he quit his job. He read some materials on screenplay writing, screen projection, special effects and so on, and even wrote a short sci-fi movie entitled Xenogenesis with two of his friends. Cameron and his friends self-funded the shooting of the short and even rented the equipment to shoot it. They were so fascinated and excited about the project that they dismantled the rented camera in order to understand how it operated. After that they had to spend half a day in attempts to get the camera running.



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