Did You Know That An 8-Year-Old Bodybuilder Has Become An Internet Sensation Thanks To…

Brandon Blake is nothing like the other 8-year-olds. The boy from County Kildare, Ireland has the muscles of an adult bodybuilder and has recently become an Internet sensation. In fact, Brandon is not doing any weight lifting or other exercises, not suitable for his age, but only practicing gymnastics.


The boy that still attends elementary school has managed to develop his amazing muscles and rippling six-pack over the past year. He became wildly popular after Frank Medrano, a famous fitness guru, shared Brandon’s picture on his Facebook page. Everybody started talking about the 8-year-old boy, some expressing concern that he must be doing something unhealthy for his age to look like that. Brandon’s father, Mark, claims that all his son does is practice calisthenics. It’s a technique that involves just the body’s natural resistance through doing push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.

Brandon hopes to represent Ireland at the Olympics one day and judging by his current shape he would definitely bring home a medal.



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