This 8 year old boy managed to raise $1 million for his best friend, who suffers from liver disorder

Dylan Siegel, an 8 year old boy from Philadelphia, was only 6 years old when he learned that his best friend, a boy named Jonah Pournazarian, had an extremely rare incurable disease. It turned out that Jonah was suffering from a liver disorder, known as glycogen storage disease type 1B. Around 500 kids from all over the world have been diagnosed with this disease.

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Image Source: Chocolate Bar Book
Image Source: Chocolate Bar Book

Dylan wanted to help his best friend, so he came up with an idea on how to raise money for research. He wrote a book called Chocolate Bar. During the last few years the book has been sold in 60 countries. The 25,000 copies of the Chocolate Bar have made profits of nearly $1 million and have spawned tons of memes on the web. The 8 year old boy’s efforts have made it possible for the University of Florida to launch a new gene-therapy research and a possible treatment for the illness.

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