Did You Know That An Alleged Bank Robber Failed To Rob A Bank As The Teller …..

Usually, we spend our first years of school arduously¬†practicing the art of handwriting. Here’s the story of a bank robber who probably wished he had spent more time perfecting his dreadful pencraft.


On a beautiful Monday morning in January this year Jamal Garret entered the local Wells Fargo bank in Antioch, California. He attempted to rob the bank but instead of a firearm he was carrying only a note with the sloppiest handwriting you could possibly imagine. When Garret handed it to the bank teller his initial plan of robbing the bank failed miserably. The teller was baffled as he¬†could not read Garret’s note therefore he couldn’t understand what the man wanted. When the employee called his manager to help him decipher the note, Mr.Garret decided to run away using the back door of the bank.

After the manager and the teller managed to figure out what the note said, they realized that Mr. Garret had attempted to rob the bank. They immediately called the police who were able to quickly track the alleged culprit down and arrest him.

Now Jamal Garret will have plenty of time mastering the art of handwriting in jail.



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