Did you know that an orange fireball with a green tail was caught on…

Meteors are one of the most fascinating occurrences when it comes to space exploration and astronomy. And even though meteor showers are probably the most stunning phenomenon when it comes to meteors, one single shooting star could also leave you breathless.

Numerous people from the US have reported a meteor sighting this December. Their stating was supported by a recent video on YouTube. The short video footage shows a meteor, which is sweeping across the sky in Eastern Iowa on the 26th of December. The object is flashing above Iowa for a short period of time before eventually burning out. The footage was made by a CCTV camera in the early evening. According to an Internet user named Julie Purl her husband was one of the hundreds of people who saw the meteor with their own eyes. Purl wrote on her Facebook page that her husband saw it in Galesburg, Illinois.

According to Purl’s husband, the meteor was orange and it had a green tail. The colors state that the rock could have been consisted of sodium and copper.



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