Did You Know That Angelina Jolie Wants Her Children To…


Angelina Jolie admitted that she and Brad Pitt do not want their children to take their path, professionally speaking. Instead of wanting their children to become actors, the star couple prefers them to be politicians. Angie is even trying to point their interest into politics.

Image Source: Splash News
Image Source: Splash News

38-year-old Angelina who is raising six children with her husband-to-be, three biological and three adopted ones, hopes that their children wouldn’t take the parents’ example. However, the star couple takes their children everywhere with them when promoting their movie projects.

The actress also wants her six children to be aware of the humanitarian work she and Brad are doing. Angie points out that their offspring are aware she and Brad are acting in movies but they also know their father is designing buildings and their mother is travelling with the United Nations organization.


Even though Brad and Angie don’t want their children to become actors, their youngest daughter starred alongside her mom in ‘Maleficent’. Angie pointed out that all the other children would have been scared by her costume.


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