Did you know that another hoveboard exploded at the …

Yet another hoverboard is making headlines for malfunctioning and later exploding.

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Image Source: New York Daily News video screenshot

Hoverboards were made cool by the Back to the Future franchise decades before we were able to see an actual prototype of the hovering skateboard in real life. And since Back to the Future sent the movie’s characters to 2015, it comes to no surprise that this year hoverboards were placed on the market all over the world. Unfortunately, just like any other improperly safety tested piece of technology, hoverboards started making headlines in December for malfunctioning and endangering human lives.

The latest report comes from another hoverboard, which exploded in the US. The tech toy malfunctioned at a mall kiosk in front of the Deerbrook mall in Houston, Texas, after it was returned to the seller. The board cost $400 and since it refused to be charged, the buyers brought it back to the kiosk, from which they had bought it in the first place. When the kiosk clerk tried to re-charge the hoverboard, it exploded. Fortunately, the incident didn’t injure anybody and it didn’t cause any damages to the mall and the people, who were in the area. However, they had to be evacuated after the explosion was mistaken for a bomb.

It’s not clear if the buyers were refunded for the malfunctioning purchase, but official reports state that the kiosk, which was selling the hoverboards, was gone the very next day and when the buyers tried to contact the company, they couldn’t get in touch with the manufacturer at all.
This isn’t the first case of an exploding hoverboard. The incidents caused by these tech toys are 17 in December alone. The Consumer Product Safety Commission claims the lithium ion batteries, which are used in the manufacturing of hoverboards, are the reason why the devices are catching fire and exploding.



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