Did you know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting…


One of Hollywood’s super couples, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, are actually getting a divorce!

Image Source: WIKIPEDIA
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

After they met on the set of Pearl Harbor and worked together again on Daredevil Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck began dating and ended up married in a private ceremony in June 2005. They were wedded by another famous actor – Victor Garber, and eventually became one of Hollywood’s most powerful and loved couple. Up until now.

Just a day after Ben and Jen celebrated their 10th anniversary they made an official statement regarding the fact that they are getting a divorce. The two of them decided not to comment on the reason why they want to end their marriage, but they stated that they were parting with “love” and “friendship”. They also said that they would have joint custody over their three kids and that they wouldn’t comment the divorce any further.


According to some sources that are allegedly close to the soon-to-be-former couple, the 43 year old Jennifer and the 42 year old Ben still haven’t filed the divorce papers. They are still waiting to work out the custody issues as well as the matters of dividing their real estate properties. Over the past decade Ben and Jen have been the proud owners of an apartment in Manhattan, New York, a ranch in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, a Greek-styled mansion on an island in Savannah, Georgia, and a ski chalet located in Big Sky, Montana.

The two actors have asked the public (and especially the paparazzi) to respect their privacy and the privacy of their children. In the past Ben Affleck has tried his best to make tabloids blur out the faces of his children before publishing any photos taken by paparazzi. However, we somehow doubt that it will work this time after the divorce bomb has been dropped.


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