Did you know that Beyonce’s dad accidentally revealed her real age and she is…

Beyonce Knowles’ dad revealed his daughter’s real age by accident. Head’s up – Beyonce isn’t 34 years old, but is she really 41?


Earlier this October Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s dad, gave a radio interview for Breakfast Club, and he spilled the beans on Queen Bey’s real age.

According to the R ’n’ B singer’s Wikipedia page and her claims throughout the years, she was born in September 1981, which means she just celebrated her 34th birthday last month. However, her father said something during his interview, which shows that Beyonce has been lying about how old she really is all these years. Even though there have been tons of rumors about Bey being 41 years old, her dad accidentally said that she’s 36. What Matthew said was that back in the days Beyonce’s pop band Destiny’s Child had a serious competitor – L. A. Reid’s girl band Choice. The lead girl in the band was none other, but Pink herself. As Matthew went on to explain how Choice could have competed with Destiny’s Child, he revealed that Pink “was the same age as Beyonce”. Pink was born in September 1979, which means she’s 36 years old. If Beyonce’s own dad believes that his daughter is the same age as Pink then Beyonce’s real age isn’t 34, it’s 36. Oh, well, at least she’s not 41.

After Matthew accidentally revealed this info, the media has gone crazy over the fact that Beyonce has been lying about her real age. The singer’s representatives still haven’t commented on the case. Nevertheless, regardless if she’s 34 or 36, Queen Bey will still be Queen Bey. After all, two additional years won’t take away her crown, nor will they knock her off Forbes’ list of the highest paid celebs in the music industry.



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