Did you know that Bill Gates finally admitted that it was a huge mistake to …

After many, many years, the billionaire and former chairman of Microsoft finally admitted that the globally used combination Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake.

Gates explains the IBM keyboard designer didn’t want to put a simple button for accessing the login screen on computers. The combination was intended to serve as a command to reboot a PC, but soon became a login prompt in the early versions of Windows OS.

Nowadays the key combination still serves as a command for accessing the login screen on our personal computers. It works with Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows 8 will have a new login screen, although the Control-Alt-Delete combination still works on Windows 8 as a shortcut for locking the computer and accessing the task manager.

The engineer David Bradley, who came up with the Control-Alt-Delete succession, blamed Bill Gates for the oddity of the situation. In 2001 he stated he had no idea why Gates used the combination for the login screen. A decade later he still didn’t know the answer. Nowadays Gates himself finally admitted the truth: that it was a mistake.



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