Did you know that Charlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan a $100,000 check to…

Regardless of the popular belief that Charlie Sheen is a washed-up actor who can’t get his priorities straight thanks to alcohol and drugs, he’s an extremely generous person.

The 49 year old actor received $250,000 in 2013 for his cameo role in Scary Movie 5, but didn’t keep a dime for himself. Instead, he donated $150,000 between three different charity organizations and gave the other $100,000 to his Scary Movie 5 co-star, Lindsay Lohan. According to official reports, Lohan was having trouble paying her tax debts, so Sheen gave her a check for the amount.

Some of Sheen’s other notable acts of generosity include making a $1 million donation to injured troops and a $75,000 donation to a little girl fighting against cancer.



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