Did you know that Coca-Cola was initially developed by pharmacists to help cure…

Did you know that Coca-Cola initially was advertised as a remedy for headaches? The famous beverage has been created in 1886 by a pharmacist from Atlanta named John Pemberton who claimed his product could be a successful treat for headache. It is a well known fact that caffeine is one of the main ingredients of Coca-Cola. Scientists believe that caffeine restricts the blood flow to the dilated vessels in the head which reduces pain.


However, according to numerous reports excessive amounts of caffeine could actually cause headaches instead of cure it. That is why the Coca-Cola recipe was altered and instead of caffeine and cocaine now it uses coca leaf extract. As a result, nowadays the healing properties of the Coke are significantly reduced.

Back in the 19th century the Coke syrup was sold in small dosages and was widely used as a cure for nausea and indigestion. Pemberton also claimed his beverage is an effective remedy for morphine addiction and impotency as well.



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