Did you know that Continuum, a magazine devoted to the idea that AIDS is a conspiracy, went out of print…

As we all know HIV is something lethal and AIDS is fatal. But not so long ago a number of people were convinced that there was no such thing as AIDS – until they died of it.



Around two decades ago Jody Wells created a health magazine called “Continuum”. The magazine promoted the idea that AIDS was not in any way related to HIV. More so, it stated that AIDS was some kind of a conspiracy. According to Wells, the disease wasn’t an actual disease, since it wasn’t based on science, but rather on homophobia.
The magazine went out of print in 1998, two years after Wells died of Pneumocystis pneumonia which is an AIDS defining clinical condition. It appeared one more time online in 2001. A few months later Huw Christie Williams, who became the next Chief Editor after Wells’ death, also died of an AIDS defining clinical condition. Another member from the magazine’s writing team – Tony Tompsett – died of Kaposi’s Sarcoma and toxoplasmosis, also AIDS defining clinical conditions.



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