Did you know that due to the High ratio of atmospheric density to surface gravity on Saturn’s…

Have you ever wanted to go out of space? Have you ever wished you could visit another planet? It appears as though you could do it with the help of attached wings on Titan, which is one of Saturn’s moons.


Titan is also one of the main candidates for a human colony. Titan’s surface gravity is 0.14g., which is slightly less than that of our Moon. Such low gravity also suggests that a human being could just strap on wings and without any effort fly easily through the atmosphere! Of course, difficulties may encounter regarding the weight of the spacesuit, since it needs to be equipped with oxygen tubes and because of the cold temperature, it would have to be heat-insulated. Also, as a result of such low gravity, human health could experience many long term negative effects such as loss of bone density, loss of muscle density, and a weakened immune system.



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