Did you know that Emma Watson defended Jennifer Lawrence over the nude…

Unless you’ve been deprived of any social contact and Internet connection for the past week, you’ve probably heard or read about the scandalous nude pictures of a number of female celebrities.

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One of the most discussed of those unfortunate celebrities is the Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. Along with Kristen Dunst, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco and many others, Lawrence’s name is making headlines all over the world not because of her acting talent and good looks, but because of the scandal. Fortunately, there are people like Emma Watson out there who are actually defending her. The 24 year old Harry Potter star used social media to tell the rest of the world that not only is the leak outrageous, but that the people discussing and looking at the pictures are also heartless. She defended Lawrence on Twitter and expressed her feelings towards those, who look, share and comment on the pictures, saying their “lack of empathy” is even worse than the leak itself.

Emma’s name wasn’t in the list of celebrities, who had their personal pictures hacked and leaked onto the web.



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