Did you know that falling icicles kill 1000 people a year in….


When we think of icicles we usually think of them as exquisite, sparkly and shining parts of the white winter scenery. However, icicles have proven to be dangerous and even deadly.

The icicle structure usually resembles a lengthened funnel shape made of ice. The icicle forms when the frozen water starts melting and then flows to an area with lower temperature below the freezing point. Thus, the water refreezes and forms an icicle. Because of the icicles’ sharpness and their heavy masses combined with the ice’s thickness, these structures are dangerous to anyone walking under them.


It’s reported that according to Death in Society Research Foundation around 15 people in the US die each year due to icicle-related incidents. The numbers of injured people are relatively larger in Northern countries where the snowfall is much heavier and lasts longer, making icicles a greater danger. In Russia for example, approximately one hundred people each year die from falling icicles.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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