Did You Know That In 1949 An Official Boxing Match Between A Bear And A Man Was Held And…

There are a lot of important activities a man should know how to do properly: how to change a flat tire of car, how to open a beer without an opener, how to chop wood and make fire and above all how to fist fight a huge 800 pound bear.


Image Source: FACEBOOK

Bears are one of the scariest animals you can possibly encounter in the wilderness. They are usually about 12-feet tall, have razor sharp claws and one of the strongest deadly jaw bite found I nature. Besides the Panda bear the regular black and grizzly bears feast on raw meat and they love it.
Although being aware how dangerous bears actually are one particular boxer named Gus Waldorf wasn’t’ too intimidated by them. In 1949 Waldorf decided to face a bear in a special boxing match. The bear wore a customized muzzle on its jaws and gloves covering the deadly claws. Regardless of how handicapped the bear was it actually won the fight in the end.



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