Did You Know That In 2003, Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard College With an A.B. Degree in…

Natalie Portman birth name was Natalie Hershlag and she is of dual American and Israeli citizenship. She started acting at the age of 13 when she portrayed an orphan in the 1994 film ‘Leon : the Professional’ where she starred alongside Jean Reno and Garry Oldman. Natalie gained worldwide fame when she took the part of Padme Amidala in the ‘Star Wars’ prequel trilogy. Natalie has won most recognition for her role in ‘Black Swan’ : a psychological thriller describing the life and struggles of a New York ballerina.


In 1999 Natalie enrolled in Harvard College as a Psychology major full time student while she was still working as an actress. In an interview Natalie stated that “she’d rather have college ruin her career than quit her education and be a movie star”. While attending Harvard College Natalie was a co-author in a couple of research works that were featured in scientific journals.The Israeli-born actress has pointed out several times that having an education is something she really values.



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