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Did you know that Japanese spider crabs can be 12 ft long and ….


Have you ever wondered what kind of creatures hide deep under the water’s surface? The marine biology knows of many amazing water creatures. One such creature is the amazing Japanese spider crab.


The spider crab inhabits the waters around Japan. This spider crab is known as Macrocheira kaempferi or takāshigani, which means “tall-footed crab” in Japanese. The creature can reach up to 12ft (3.8 meters) in leg span and up to 19kg in weight. The amazing species have a tiny body of 40cm compared to the extraordinary long legs. The spider is orange in color and its legs are covered with white spots. It inhabits mostly the waters around Honshū. It can be found mostly in deep holes in the sea which vary from 50 to 600 meters.


The spider’s claws can cause dangerous injuries, but that doesn’t mean the Japanese are afraid of it. According to Wikipedia, the spider crab is considered as a delicacy.


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