Did you know that Japanese students are paying crazy money to have their…

Summer journal entries, book reports, math or watercolor assignments – these are just some of the homework tasks Japanese students have to cope with. However, elementary and high school students from all around Japan have recently realized that paying a good ghostwriter to do their homework is the best way to go through high school.


Of course, this practice is nothing new, but the recent online businesses offering ghostwriters for homework have captured the attention of the media. Students and parents are paying from 500 yen (nearly $5 USD) to more than 5,000 yen (approximately $50 USD) for a variety of homework tasks. A great number of businesses are advertising their services by promising professional ghostwriters instead of students. Some of them have even perfected this skill to a point of imitating an elementary school student’s handwriting or drawing style in order for the kid not to get caught.

So many Japanese kids have been reaching out towards ghostwriters that some of the top ranking ghostwriting teams on Google have been forced to turn many clients down out of being overloaded with homework assignments. 



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