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Did you know that Johnny Depp has never Goog…


Have you ever Googled yourself? Don’t deny it – everybody knows you have, because everyone has done it at least once in their lifetimes. Everyone except Johnny Depp, apparently…


According to recent reports, the 50 year old Hollywood actor’s most recent and shocking press statement wasn’t related to his newest project. Depp told the whole world he has never Googled himself. Not even once! The actor is reportedly terrified of running across fake rumors or bad stuff written about him on the Internet, so he’s trying to stay off the computer and Google’s search engine. His fear has gone to such lengths that even his two children prefer not to ask him for help regarding Internet research for school projects. Furthermore, the actor states that he’s so behind with technology that he even forgets the name of his favorite app – Instagram.


Depp’s newest project, the sci-fi drama Transcendence, is hitting theaters this spring. He’ll also be portraying the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow once again in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is due for 2016. What’s another 2 years of waiting for our favorite pirate?


Written by Patrick Bennet

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