Did you know that Lindsay Lohan got engaged and will…


The media is going crazy over the possibility that Lindsay Lohan might have gotten engaged to her super rich boyfriend Egor Tarabasov!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Just a few weeks ago Lindsay Lohan confirmed who her mysterious boyfriend was – a real estate heir from Russian heritage, named Egor Tarabasov. Egor, who is a few years younger than Lindsay, has been dating her for the past 8 months and has appeared in several mysterious Twitter and Instagram snapshots before Lindsay revealed him and his status as her boyfriend. Not only that, but the 29 year old actress also shared that they have moved in together. And now the media is swirling with rumors that these two got engaged.

As it turns out, the reports came from a Twitter fan page of Lohan’s dedicated to following the 29 year old redhead’s every move. Apparently Lindsay sported a humongous green emerald ring on her ring finger at a recent Duran Duran concert in NYC earlier this April. The ring in question looked a lot like an engagement ring, so naturally, people assumed that Egor has proposed. On top of that, recent reports show that Lindsay’s family loves her boyfriend just as much as she does and they think he’s a great influence on her. Ever since she moved to the UK back in 2012 she has been staying out of legal trouble and according to Lindsay’s family, Egor has been working really hard to help her get back on her feet when it comes to her career. The 22 year old Russian, who is reportedly super rich, has been helping Lindsay in many aspects of her personal and professional life and it’s only natural that her fans believe she’s engaged to him.


However, Lindsay’s representatives were quick to discard the rumors that Egor has proposed to her on the weekend of the Duran Duran concert, so they either got engaged earlier or the rumors are nothing more than just rumors.


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