Did you know that Obama can’t use an iPhone even if he wants to because of…

Are you frustrated that you don’t have an iPhone while everyone around you is obsessed with theirs? Don’t be. Even the President of the United States doesn’t have one. Or more accurately, he isn’t allowed to have one.
Earlier this week President Obama held a health-related speech during which he shared something extremely interesting with the world – and it wasn’t health-related at all. The US President told the media and the whole world that he didn’t have an iPhone – something which many people view as an absolute must these days. You’re probably wondering why a man in his position doesn’t have the latest version of the tech toy. He explained that even if he wanted to use one, he’s not allowed to do so due to security reasons, which he didn’t bother explaining. He is instead a firm and loyal BlackBerry customer.

Many people say that the iPhone isn’t the most secure phone in the world, but does this mean that the President has completely separated himself from Apple? No. He stated that his daughters are completely hooked to their iPhones and that he himself uses an iPad.



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