Did You Know That Prisoners In The Future Could Serve A 1000 Year Sentence In Just 8 Hours Thanks To…

Nowadays prisons all over the world seem to be overcrowded with inmates. The money for their support comes straight out of the taxpayers pockets and it costs a lot. This is why scientists are putting their brains up to the task of finding new innovative and futurstic ways of punishing serious criminals.

According to the most recent advancements in the field of biotechnology it’s already possible to extend the sentence of a prisoner up to 1000 years or even more. The scientists Rebecca Roache is focusing her stuidies on a new futuristic technology based on medication that can possibly trick an inmate’s brain into thinking time is passing more slowly. She believes it’s possible to punish someone for just 8 hours but make him feel like 1000 years have passed. ┬áThe second scenario is based on the technology of neuromapping and uploading someones consciousness on a computer. By doing this it will be possible to speed up the mind of an inmate and make him serve a 1000 year sentence in just 8 hours in real time.

Such futuristic way of punishment will save enormous amounts of taxpayers money and it won’t be necessary to extend the prisoners lifespan.



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