Did you know that Russian bears sniff jet fuel and….

Kronotsky Nature Reserve is an area located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It’s mainly visited by scientists but is also open to tourists, if they’re willing to travel by helicopter and pay $700 for a single day visit. The reserve is famous for its name “Land of Fire and Ice”, because of the harsh climate, the volcanos and the geysers.

Lately, it became famous for something else. Bears living in the reserve have developed the habit of inhaling jet fuel to become intoxicated. The mammals find their “drug” in old barrels which stored the fuel used to power the generators and helicopters of the reserve. After the bears get dizzy from the fuel, they dig shallow holes and pass out in them.

The animals have become so addicted to the mix of gasoline and kerosene that they even stalk helicopters and try to suck fuel which leaks in the soil.



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