Did you know that Since there are no coins in Belarus, locals throw…

Belarusians throw banknotes in fountains, since they don’t really have coins
Ever since 1996 Belarus is minting coins which are usually used by collectors or by random people for a variety of commemorations. However, up until present day the country has never used any coins in the nation’s monetary circulation.

People in Belarus use only Belarusian rubles as their main currency. Thus, when locals feel the urge to throw a coin in a fountain or a pond, just like millions of people around the world do every day, they actually throw banknotes in the water. It does sound strange, but it’s true. After all, nobody would want to throw away their commemorative gold or silver coin in a fountain just to wish for something, right?
The country has received a number of opportunities to include coins in their currency, mostly minted in Slovakia, but the Second Ruble still remains the only currency.



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