Did you know that Snoop Dog lent his voice to a…

Celebrities often shock us with the things they do just for kicks. Such as lending their voices to GPS systems, for example, which is exactly what Snoop Dog did few years ago.

The acclaimed rapper lent his voice to TomTom, one of the world’s most successful suppliers of navigation products. TomTom’s available voices vary from Homer Simpson and Bugs Bunny and even to Darth Vader. If you’re fed up with the navigation voice of your GPS system, just download the TomTom voices-in-app for a reasonable fee. However, chose your options carefully unless you’re willing to be more confused about your GPS system than your destination.
The fact that celebrity voices are replacing the boring old default GPS voice isn’t something new. After the hit rapper made a huge buzz with his decision in 2009, it became a new trend among drivers and GPS supplement companies.



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