Somebody paid $3.4 million to have a lunch with Warren Buffett

An anonymous person just paid a little bit over $3.4 million to have a lunch in the company of Warren Buffett.

Image Source: Glide
Image Source: Glide

The 85 year old business mogul and philanthropist, who has been dubbed as the Oracle of Omaha and the most successful businessman and investor on the globe, concluded the auction he held for his upcoming Power Lunch campaign. The so-called Power Lunch has been an annual event ever since 2012 and Buffett has been giving away the auction winners’ money to various charity organizations. This year’s lunch is set to benefit the Glide organization, which aims at helping homeless people, who are residing in the San Francisco Bay area in California, US.

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The auction kicked off on eBay and all bidders were required to place a $25,000 pledge. The winner, who remains anonymous, won the auction for Buffett’s Power Lunch with a total of $3,456,789. This unnamed somebody, who basically paid $3.4 million, will get the chance of his lifetime, according to Buffett’s team. The winner will have lunch not only with Warren Buffett himself, but also with 7 other guests of the winner’s choice, who will enjoy a meal at the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse restaurant in NYC. The topics of all previous Power Lunch events have varied, according to Buffett, and they usually splash over the course of several hours. The 85 year old philanthropist has stated that there’s only one topic, which is completely off limits, and it regards his future investments.

Buffett also shared that he’s proud to be among the many donators helping the Glide campaign and that he believes the organization is truly helping people by giving them something to believe in again. We can only wish that anonymous somebody to enjoy his lunch with Buffett as much as the business mogul enjoys philanthropy.

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