Did You Know That Taylor Swift's Alleged New Boyfriend Is…


According to rumors that circulated the web recently, Taylor Swift was back with her ex Harry Styles from the British pop band One Direction. The country singer was looking to buy a house in a London neighborhood, allegedly, to be closer to her beloved Harry. However, rumors turned out to be wrong as Taylor is involved with another British guy this time.


Taylor’s new beau is British actor Douglas Booth who starred as Romeo in a 2013 adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The new couple was introduced to each other by Hailee Steinfeld who is a close friend of Swift and starred as Juliet alongside Booth. Reportedly, Swift and Booth were seen together at a London pub where they hired a secluded section so they would have some privacy. According to witnesses the couple was laughing and joking and seemed to be having a great time. However, neither Booth’s nor Swift’s representatives have yet confirmed the rumors of the two young stars dating.




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